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Eyes or Lips Only, But Not Both

One of the most important things I’ve learned in the beauty industry is to keep it simple and choose whether you want your eyes or lips to pop, but not both.

Let’s draw attention to the eyes for a moment. You’ll see in these pictures that with a bold eye, it’s best to tame down the lips.  This is a great way to make your eye color pop.

For a more classic, clean and fresh look,  I typically like to draw attention to the lips.

Personally, I like my day look being soft, fresh, and neutral with a strong lip.  After cleansing and moisturizing with my skincare products I’ll begin with a makeup primer to even out the texture of my skin.  A primer fills the creases and pores on your face to give you a smooth canvas to work with.

Next, I dabbed a little foundation around the mid section of my face and buffed it outward with a flat foundation brush.  Flat foundation brushes give the illusion of an airbrushed finish. You don’t need a whole lot of foundation on the outer edges of you face.  That’s why starting in the middle is the way to go; because it’s’ where the most uneven tone is.

Bronzers can be used in so many different ways; one of them being to help your facial features pop. I apply it just below the cheekbone, and as you’ll see in my video, it helps to have a “kissy-face.”  Then I dab a little blush on my upper cheeks.  When applying blush, it helps to not go too close to your nose; it looks funny.  If you lay two fingers along the side of your nose, this gives you a nice gap for the blush to be applied.  See?

Blending is key!  After applying bronzer and blush, I take my translucent setting powder to buff it out. Then, on to the eyes….and lips….

The bold lips…

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