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Addressing Fears & Hesitations

Ever create an excuse to turn up your nose at an opportunity you’re not quite sure about?

I found that I, too, was very uneducated about what social networking looks like in the 21st century. You may think you’re giving a valid excuse, or maybe you simply just want to decline, but what you should do is at least hear us out.  These are actually reasons WHY some of your friends and family are deciding to say yes to social networking. Before swiping right and passing up an amazing opportunity, just make sure you have a crystal clear picture and REALLY know what you could be saying no to. 

When you say, “I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME”

Most people don’t start this business because they have lots of time on their hands; they do it because they would like to have more time. You’re going to work your little side gig in the nooks and crannies of your day, and let me tell you something, if you have time to watch Netflix,or scroll through social media, you have time to do social networking.

And if you’re saying “I DON’T HAVE MONEY”

If you don’t have the money to invest, that just shows how much you could probably use a side gig.  If you stay focused on the activity, you’ll get a return on your investment.  That’s what I want to pay forward to you.  What if you just jumped in and everything worked out exactly as planned?  Where are you gonna be in 5 years if you continue doing only what you’re doing righ now?  Don’t you want more?  Because in my opinion, there is more risk in NOT having a side gig than there is having one. This is an opportunity to live with PURPOSE, and to serve and help others.

You don’t have to go to the bank and take out a loan to start your business. My business has given me the peace of mind to not have to stress over money ever again!  And seriously, if you find yourself saying this a lot, the “I don’t have enough money” thing, please take a long hard look at a side gig, so you never have to say that to anyone… ever again.


I love the quote, “If you live for people’s approval, you will die by their criticism.”  Really.  Why do you even care? You don’t need every person you know to get on board with your business in order for you to be successful. In fact, only a few of the people you know will just help you get started, and the majority of your team will be people you haven’t even met yet.


Tell me something.  How many people do you think you need to know?  WE ALL KNOW PEOPLE! Take out your phone.  If you don’t have anyone in your contacts, yeah maybe you should reconsider.  Social Marketing isn’t necessarily about WHO you know, it’s about who you have yet to meet. A few of the things you’ll for sure take away from this business are the friendships you build, your personal growth, and changing peoples lives.

I get it!  I DO! I had everything laid out for me too as to why I shouldn’t do it.  But what I found was that I was really uneducated and worried about what people thought, but at the end of the day the business and the products spoke to me, and I really knew that I had to DO something different in order to GET something different. I encourage you to be more, to have more and to give more.


Do you want something of your very own outside of being a mother and a wife?  Do you want to show your kids proof that when you work really really hard at something that you’re passionate about, that’s of value to others, that it’s possible to have fulfilling work while having a life?  Do you want to take the financial pressure off your husband and play a role in supporting your family? Do you crave a sense of purpose?  Do you want to impact others? What is it?

If you’re in business, please share your WHY in the comments.

Thoughts? Comment Below!