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My Story

I'm so happy you ended up on my corner of the internet!

Hey everyone! I’m Kassy and as you might notice, I have this undeniable passion for helping others live healthier and happier lives through sustainable healthy living — and I am SO grateful to connect with and inspire people globally! I work with people who are looking for ways to implement simple changes to look and feel their very best, and I truly believe that when you educate and empower others to change their lives, it transforms who they are, which in turn transforms people around them, and the world.

Work habits are changing, wellness is booming, social businesses are growing, and our team is taking off because of our healthy living program! People are looking for what we have, so if you’re even the least bit interested in getting into health & wellness, now’s the time! 

Side hustles accounted for an estimated 1.4 trillion dollars of the total US income in 2018. More people are using social media to stay informed and to find products. In fact, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know directly, which means YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS COUNT! 

This is something all of us are doing already! –> We naturally share products we use & love! Global wellness is a 4.2 trillion-dollar industry that will continue to grow. Now more than ever people are focused on what they put in & on their body. They’re already shopping and communicating online, so an online business makes total sense to people right now. This is THE right market at THE right time. People want clean, plant-based products. 

Did you know that global obesity has doubled since 1975? You guys, 84% of the world is experiencing some form of stress!

What I do is educate people on overall wellness & nutrition, and then I get to show them how to do what I do! 

I truly believe that anyone could be, and DO, so much more! 

My personal goal is to positively impact the lives of people in need, financially, and through health. I truly found my passion in working with others to reach these goals, and if that’s you too, I would love to show you how easy it is.

Let’s connect! You can find me on: