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What Is Considered Average?

Let’s be honest… Don’t you and your family deserve a better lifestyle?  What would it mean to your family if you had more money to create that better lifestyle?

All you need is the ability to build others and invest in your mind. You need to become an EXPERT and BELIEVE you can surpass anybody. “Common men love other common men because they justify each others average-ness.”  Take responsibility for why you’re not getting anywhere.  Long term success is about digging a really deep foundation; you must break out of your comfort zone, invest in courses, in books, and go to events!  If you want the lifestyle, you’ve got to do more than just actions.

“I’m too shy”, “I can’t speak in public”, “I’m too young”, “It’s too time consuming”.  What you believe about yourself is doing more harm than good.  Yes, you’ve programmed yourself through past experiences, but you have the ability to create new beliefs about yourself.  Invest in your mind and dig into the information that you DON’T know.  Your mind will then, in turn, fill your bank account.

Rather than shoving an opportunity in peoples’ face, motivate and inspire them!
Give them a little nudge, per se.  Find out what they WANT!  

Once you know what they want, then you can show them how your company/products can get them what they want.  Offer proof by sharing success stories of other people in your company, and be relate-able.  Yes, you CAN do this!  Your job is NOT to be a salesperson; it’s to take people on an “informational tour” and educate others about what your company offers.  What holds people back is not a lack of time or money, it’s a lack of belief.  

Ask yourself this… Can you do exactly what I am doing right now?  Then let’s chat.  I’m looking to add new business partners to join my team!   What if you just jumped in and everything worked out exactly as planned?  What would that look like? Where do you see yourself in 5 years if you continue doing only what you’re doing now?  Don’t you want more? Because in my opinion, there is more risk in NOT doing it then there is doing it. This is an opportunity to live with PURPOSE — to serve and help others.

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