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Success in Social Networking Takes Time

How many CEO’s do you know who’s built a multi-million dollar business in less than a year?  That’s right, it takes time! I’m going to give you an idea of the amount of time it takes to get to those income-earning levels in my company.  I feel like my story may be super relatable to some of you. Believe me, I talked myself out of this WELL before I talked myself into it.  I’ve done this before, I really didn’t know what this business was, I had no background in business, I have a full-time job, and I’m busy raising two girls…. and I have house work to do!  But I thought, honestly, I had nothing to lose… so that’s when I decided I was just going to jump in and I am so glad I did.

So back in December 2015, my friend Sarah took the time to educate me and answer every single question I had about this business.  It all began really when she started posting pictures of her weight loss journey and these outrageous family vacations on her Facebook feed; something she’s never done before.  Yeah I was intrigued, and honestly, I couldn’t understand why she would ever consider something like network marketing. She already made six figures as a Financial Advisor at JP Morgan, but she had eclipsed her corporate income through helping others get healthier than she was through her full-time job.  So YEAH!  I decided to jump into this Healthy Living program. I’d never done a detox before, what’s 30 days, right?  Well, I lost 10 pounds during my first round and was sold. I just KNEW I had to share this with people. The more questions I asked, and the more books I read about my industry, the more excited I became and finally began to understand things.  Can you relate?

Here’s a snapshot of Amazon’s growth over time:

Here’s a snapshot of Google’s growth over time:

There are multiple levels of management in my company.  The compensation plan was HUGE for me, and I know it has to check off a lot of boxes for someone to jump into this business.  Trust me —  our Compensation Plan is incredible. Even at the middle management level, which takes on average just a handful of months to promote to, you’re bringing in an extra $20,000 a year into your household, and that’s usually alongside something you’re already doing.  And then at the top management level you’re making on average $21,000 a MONTH here in the US. You guys! That’s over a quarter million a YEAR! And even THAT could potentially be alongside your current job. You’re not limited!  You can build this business so big that there’s literally no glass ceiling.  There’s only one way to get there, though.  DECIDE.

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